WW2 memorial display team

Hi all, I’ve searched about but couldn’t find anything close to what I was hoping to find, so thought I’d put this out there and see what people think. I was flying the spit through the London region yesterday as a mark of respect as it was the D-day anniversary and thought it would be great to get a few of us together to create our own WW2 memorial display team so that we can get together and honour those who served on certain days such as D-day etc etc. I know we only have two WW2 birds at the moment but I’m sure the devs will add more as I’m seeing more and more requests for them. We could get together with some of the Air force VA’s for fly pasts, air shows or their events. What are peoples thoughts on this? If it’s positive then I’ll get to work on a website and launch it as a “VA” to work with others on their events and such. I see there is a board for Air shows so I’d like to hear what you guys think of my idea. Although it’s not a VA it would kind of be the same thing with events and fly ins etc etc. I’d really like to get something like this off the ground so please do let me know your thoughts.

I think it’s better just to make an event for things like this instead of having a team. I would join in a spitfire formation event. I don’t think we’ve had any before!

Ok thats a good idea, i was just worried that id make an event and be the only one there. At least now i know i may get a second pilot turn up. im going to put something together for later tonight in that case. thanks AR_AR

I’ll be watching.

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