WW WKLY Aviation Accident/Incident Rpt.

Tuesday Mar 20th 2018
Incident Frontier A20N near Las Vegas on Mar 20th 2018, navigation computer issue
Incident Fedex MD10 at Memphis on Mar 20th 2018, engine shut down in flight
Incident Gol B738 at Joao Pessoa on Mar 15th 2018, bird strike
Incident Nippon Cargo B748 at Tokyo on Mar 18th 2018, dropped panels in flight
Incident Nippon Cargo B748 at Tokyo on Mar 16th 2018, dropped panel in flight
Incident ANA Wings DH8D at Nakashibetsu on Mar 20th 2018, burst both right hand main tyres on landing
Crash Saratov A148 at Moscow on Feb 11th 2018, lost height after departure, pitot heatings off
Incident Austral E190 near Posadas on Mar 20th 2018, smoke in cabin
Incident Expressjet E145 at Houston on Mar 19th 2018, engine shut down in flight
Incident Insel F50 near Sint Maarten on Mar 19th 2018, engine shut down in flight
Incident Biman DH8D at Dhaka on Mar 20th 2018, cabin pressure problems
Incident Tez RJ85 at Bishkek on Mar 1st 2018, uncontained engine failure
Monday Mar 19th 2018
Incident British Airways A388 near Paris on Mar 19th 2018, hot air leak in wing
Incident United B772 at Honolulu on Mar 19th 2018, engine reported smoking
Incident UTAir B735 at St. Petersburg on Mar 7th 2018, rejected takeoff on ATC instruction
Incident Indigo A20N at Delhi on Mar 18th 2018, engine problem
Incident Estelar B733 at Caracas on Mar 19th 2018, burst both right hand tyres on landing
Incident Canada A333 over Atlantic on Mar 14th 2018, hydraulic failure
Incident Southwest B737 at Baltimore on Mar 17th 2018, flock of geese
Accident TAME E190 at Cuenca on Apr 28th 2016, overran runway
Incident Juneyao A320 at Okinawa on Mar 18th 2018, commenced takeoff without clearance, high risk of collision on runway
Sunday Mar 18th 2018
Incident Atlanta Icelandic B744 near Frankfurt on Mar 18th 2018, cracked windshield
Incident Yeti JS41 at Bhairahawa on Mar 18th 2018, wheel locked up on landing
Incident Lufthansa A321 at Frankfurt on Mar 16th 2018, a little smell of smoke in cockpit
Saturday Mar 17th 2018
Incident Iran Air Tour MD82 at Mashad on Mar 17th 2018, cabin did not pressurize
Incident Mahan RJ1H near Zahedan on Mar 17th 2018, engine problem
Incident Spicejet DH8D at Bangalore on Mar 16th 2018, temporary runway excursion on landing
Friday Mar 16th 2018
Incident Azul E190 at Passo Fundo on Mar 16th 2018, runway excursion on backtrack
Incident Nauru B733 at Kosrae on Jun 12th 2015, GPWS warning on final approach
Incident Andes MD83 near Tucuman on Mar 7th 2018, engine shut down in flight
Thursday Mar 15th 2018
Incident Indigo A320 at Hyderabad on Mar 14th 2018, engine problem
Incident United A320 at Tampa on Mar 15th 2018, flock of birds
Incident Nostrum CRJX at Las Palmas on Dec 18th 2017, near collision with military aircraft
Incident Jet Time B737 at Las Palmas on Feb 25th 2018, landed below required minimum fuel
Incident Germania B737 near Malaga on Mar 3rd 2018, cabin pressure problems
Accident Nimbus AN12 at Yakutsk on Mar 15th 2018, cargo shift gilds runway
Incident Batik A320 at Surabaya on Jan 6th 2018, descent below cleared altitude causes TCAS RAs
Incident Volaris A321 at Mexico City on Feb 19th 2018, first officer incapacitated
Accident Emirates B773 at Entebbe on Mar 14th 2018, flight attendant fell off aircraft
Wednesday Mar 14th 2018
Incident Lufthansa Cityline E190 at Nuremberg on Mar 14th 2018, problem with the landing gear
Incident Thai AirAsia A20N near Haikou on Mar 13th 2018, engine fire indication
Accident US-Bangla DH8D at Kathmandu on Mar 12th 2018, landed across the runway and fell down slope
Accident Smartlynx A320 at Tallinn on Feb 28th 2018, runway excursion after bad touch and go
Accident Qantas B738 near Canberra on Mar 13th 2017, turbulence and changed autopilot response injures two flight attendants

(Credits: Aviation Herald)

Ask about any of these and I can give you the info.


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I heard about this personally. Some serious stuff I must say!

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Great attempt! I don’t understand however why some incidents like the Saratov one are here. Are they there because the investigation reports came on that day?

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What about the sad fatal accident at RAF Valley?

The Aviation Herald will report only about commercial flights or commercial operators involving airplanes with 19 passenger seats or more.
So accidents like the one at RAF Valley will not be reported in the Aviation Herald.


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A Volaris Airbus A321-200, registration XA-VLV performing flight Y4-737 from Guadalajara to Mexico City (Mexico), was on final approach to Mexico City’s runway 05R when the first officer fainted. The captain declared Mayday and continued the approach for a safe landing on runway 05R.

Mexico’s Accident Investigation Board rated the occurrence a serious incident and opened an investigation.


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Ouch, thats not good, hope hes okay which he probably is

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