Wuhan Tianhe Airport Spotting

Before 2019, Wuhan is not a famous city , only a few foreigner know city of Wuhan, but actually Wuhan is one of the biggest city in China. Many people call Wuhan is the Chicago of China.
Wuhan Tianhe airport is the biggest airport in Hubei, it has two runways : Runway West (04L 22R) and Runway East (04R 22L main runway). And Wuhan Tianhe Airport has three terminals.
I like to call Wuhan airport the airport of B737.
In Wuhan airport , it is not easy to find A320, because China Southern Airline , China Eastern Airline only use 737 in their Wuhan base.
The photos below were all taken by me in 2021
Photo 1: Urumqi Air Boeing 737-800 (Kanas Special Livery)

Photo 2:Joy Air MA60

Photo 3:Private Airbus A318ACJ This is not Airforce 1 :)

Photo 4:I fly Airbus A330-200 (Sanya special livery)

Photo 5:Korean Air Airbus A330-300

Photo 6:Chengdu Airlines COMAC ARJ21-700

Photo 7:China Southern Airlines Boeing 737-800( Zhuhai Special Livery)

Photo 8:Challenge Airlines Boeing 747-400F

Photo 9:Biman Bangladesh Airlines Boeing 737-800

Photo 10:Uni-Top Airlines Boeing 747-200F

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Thanks for your watching!!!


That is very different nowadays 😂 No city was so important in my life in the last 2 years…

Love the A318ACJ the most, but all photos are beautiful!


Thanks for your support!!!

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No problem! Keep it up!

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Oh Wuhan… anyways cool pictures!!

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Awesome pictures!!! And love those old 747-200Fs. They look so sad and forgotten, I wish they still flew.

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Quite the colourful livery in the first shot! Thanks for the share!

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It’s actually an A318ceo! Those CFM56 engine seem too large for the babybus though lol

Yeah… My brain got overwhelmed by all the NEOs, CEOs and ACJs 😅 meant to say ACJ if I recall correctly 😂

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I like the Challenge Cargo 747. I’ve always thought their slogan was quite funny!

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Uni-Top Airlines operate B742F A300F many years ago. But this airlines face some financial problems these years , so these aircrafts park in Wuhan airport , Kunming Airport and Hongqiao Airport……. We hope these aircrafts will fly again!

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I wake up at 5 just for catching Challenge Airlines 744 , thank you!!!

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The Wuhan is famous for “热干面” and the people are very friendly!🥰🥰

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this is really amazing and i learned something new today i guess… i really loved it!


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