Wuhan Rescue Flights [Thread]

Wuhan Rescue Flight Thread

As we all know the coronavirus has made breaking new and 90% of airlines cancelled flight to China and other Asia countries.
As we know planes have been sent to Wuhan (ZHHH) This thread is made for updates regarding the Wuhan Rescue Flights.

Wuhan Rescue Flight:

Past Flights
  • CTM1012//Jan 30// ?-WUH
    (French Air Force)
  • K49372// Jan 26// OSC-ANC
  • K49372//Jan 27// ANC-ICN
  • K49372//Jan 28// ICN-WUH
  • K4371//Jan 28// ANC-RIV
  • K4371//Jan 29// WUH-ANC
  • TR121//Jan 30// WUH-SIN
  • RJ6101// Jan 31 // WUH-AMA
  • EB8371// Jan 31//WUH-BZZ
  • NH1952//Jan 31//WUH-HND
  • KE9883//Jan 31//ICN-WUH
  • BG7001//Jan 31//DAC-WUH
  • QF6031//Feb 1// WUH-HKG
  • UL1424// Feb 1// WUH-HRI
  • AI1348//Feb 1//DEL-WUH
  • ID8616//Feb 1//CGK-WUH
  • AT3830//Feb 1//CMN-WUH
  • QF6032// Feb 2// WUH-LEA
  • K49374// Feb 2// SEA-ICN
  • K49376// Feb 2// OSC-ICN
  • 5M432// Feb 2//CDG-HAN
  • 5M432// Feb 2//HAN-WUH
  • AH3770//Feb 2//ALG-WUH
  • CIL3330//Feb 2//CAI-WUH
  • AK8264//Feb 3//KUL-WUH
  • NZ1942//Feb 4//WUH-AKL
  • K4373//Feb 4//WUH-RIV
  • K4375//Feb 4//WUH-RIV
  • HY3503//Feb 4//TAS-WUH
  • FD570//Feb 4//DMK-WUH
    5M322//Feb 7//WUH-YVR
    K4373//Feb 7//WUH-RIV
    K4377//Feb 7//WUH-RIV


Present Flights

None At The Moment

If there is any flight number you know please post down below to be added please and Thank You This thread will be updated regularly 🙃

Thank You for the service of everyone during this tough season 👏


Don’t forget about the Hi Fly A380 rescue flight. It flew from Paris (CDG) to Hanoi, then to Wuhan. From Wuhan, it flew to Istres Air Base in France.

The flight operated as 5M432


You also missed out on WUH-SIN which happened on the 30th of January which operated with the callsign TR121

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So a friend of mine dad flew the first Kalitta rescue mission I’m ganna try talk to him and do a detail article on it!


Do you have a date? So I can keep everything in order? 🤷‍♂️

02 Feb 2020 Wuhan (WUH) — A388 (9H-MIP)

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Up to date now! :)

There was a Wamos 747 flight on the 31/01/20 flight number PLM471P that went to Brize Norton (BZZ) and then departed for Torrejón Airbase just outside Madrid. There has been another flight but I can’t find the flight number and there will be one final flight on Sunday 09/02/20.

Interview with the Captain of the Wamos flight. https://www.google.je/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/world/2020/feb/01/coronavirus-flight-captain-we-were-a-lifeboat-for-people

Pretty comprehensive list here

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You forgot about NH1951 on January 28th which ferried people from Wuhan to Tokyo Haneda. There were a few others as well.

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You also missed the Air India Flight. DEL-WUH

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Batik Air uses their A330-300 for Jakarta - Wuhan - Batam for quarantine at Natuna Islands. 🤔

I was tracking Air India’s landing into Delhi. I think Sam Chui’s recently updated list is more comprehensive. The Air New Zealand flight is also missing from here and I think the list could be organised better.

Your missing Royal Air Maroc WUH-CMN

Are these flights to get the people who have the disease away or the people without the disease away?

Mainly to evacuate the people without the disease, but on most of the rescue flights at least 1 infected person was discovered.


The reason is to get people away from the disease and rescue them most of them have to pay to get out! On Qantas each person needed to pay 1000$ to leave China!

This was a mistake by the government due to miscommunication. There was never supposed to be a fee.


Oh wow how could that be a mistake 🤷‍♂️

Tomorrow is The start if Canada’s rescue flight