WSSS🇸🇬 to OMDB🇦🇪

Route - WSSS🇸🇬 to OMDB🇦🇪(Singapore to Dubai)
Aircraft - Boeing 777-300ER
Livery - Singapore Airlines (SQ494 Heavy)
Server - Expert
Total Flight time - 7hrs 23mins
Distance - about 3206nm

🚩So today I did a flight from ‘The Lion City’ to one of the most beautiful city on earth i.e. Dubai…Singapore Airlines operate only 777-300’s on this route every day.
Hope you guys like my screenshots!

🇸🇬Changi T3 Gate B09

🚩Holding short Runway ‘02L’

🚩Some shots out of Singapore

🚩Flying somewhere over South India (FL380)

🛬Descending for Dubai Intl

🛬On Final Runway ‘30L’

🇦🇪The End


Nice photos! :)

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Thanks bro!😁

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Great photos! I love flying this route, it’s got some great scenes along the way! What was your favorite part of the flight?

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Thanks mate…I would say departure out of Singapore and lands near kuala Lumpur were definitely one of my favorite parts of flight🤩

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