Can someone please make a route from WSSS to KLAX

What do you mean by someone make a route from Singapore to LAX?

Yes Singapore to LAX @canton

Route = flight plan I’m almost certain in this case.

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So he’s basically just asking someone to make a FPL from Changi to LAX
Am I right

WSSS DCT HOSBA DCT TOMAN L625 AKMON/K0937F320 L625 UDOSI/K0928F350 L625 ANOKI/N0500F350 L625 AVMUP/N0498F360 L625 MEVIN/N0498F350 B462 KAZIK Y59 AZAMA Y57 SHIBK/N0489F370 Y57 POROT OTR11 LEPKI DCT 39N160E 41N170E/N0491F390 43N180E 45N170W 47N160W 47N150W/N0479F410 45N140W 41N130W DCT FATMO DCT PAINT DCT PIRAT DCT BURGL IRNMN2 KLAX

taken from

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Thanks @VibrantPixel

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