WSSS T3 Gate A20 glitch

T3 A20

I was attempting to recreate my flight on the plane, so I loaded up IF.

First, I used an A330, but the plane just fell through the floor, shown below in chronological order:

The plane crashes and the flight ends on the last shot.

Next, I attempted using a larger plane, A340. Same thing happened, only that it didnt crash and just continued falling:
(Images not loading at the moment 😬)

I’m not sure if this has been brought up before or has anything to do with flying on cellular data.

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Reinstall the app, corrupt files ;)

Let me know if it works, if it doesn’t I will try reproducing the issue and try to help you as best as I can ;)

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Will do and will get back to you, didn’t have the time to fly recently.

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Just like Chris said. Always restart your device when this happens. Corrupt files don’t always need a restart, but it is best to do so.

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Cold regards at the moment. It’s snowing in Houston.

@sniperguy135 Cheif is smart so listen to his solutions.


Kinda off topic. I suggest u restart ur device, if that doesn’t work, reinstall IF.

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Same thing happened to me once in a B777-200ER. I restarted the app and it runs just fine.

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