WSSS runway markings

Does anyone know the reason why the runway beside Changi Airport T2 is labelled as 02C and 20C, not 02R and 20L? The airport only has 2 runways. Wouldn’t it be easier to understand to know that there’s only a left and a right runway parallel?


As you can see by the photo above, there was a 02R/20L. I believe they’re doing construction. Hence why the runway closure. I know that there used to be a terminal in between 02C and 02R. Hope that helps!!

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Runway 02R/20L was originally only for military use only, servicing the nearby Changi Air Base. Only 02C/20C and 02L/20R was for commercial use servicing Changi Airport, hence you dont see a 02R/20L in Infinite Flight.

The current airport chart for WSSS, credits to Jeppesen/Navigraph Charts

Now, construction has started as you can see from the satellite image, building a new large terminal (Terminal 5) between 02C/20C and 02R/20L. For more info

While they are building the new terminal, scheduled to open in a decade, they are also currently rebuilding 02L/20R so that it can handle commercial flights including the A380, along with the other 2 runways.

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You can check the details on here:

WSSS are planning for T5. For details check these Links:

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