WSSS missing runway

So I was flying to Singapore from Sydney and as I was landing I noticed that That there is a 20R and 20C but no 20L and was wondering if it will ever be fixed…

02R and 20L are military use only. That’s why they’re probably not included in WSSS Singapore Changi Airport in the game.

But you’re right, they should be there as they officially exist.

Weird. Any pictures?

Well, from what I remember, they were included in the older versions of Infinite Flight.

Meh, let’s wait what a staff member or a moderator says. I don’t know why it’s not there, I only know that it kinda belongs to Changi, but it it also kinda doesn’t.

Like Bielefeld. It exists. But it doesn’t. Germans get it.

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This would be best answered by an Airport Editing Supervisor. @Moritz ?


I don’t right now, but I could get some later if you want. (I’m currently doing WSSS-EGLL so I can in like 6 hours)

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Ok, thanks I’ll wait and see if he responds!

As @Levet said “let’s wait on answers from Moritz”, but i’m pretty sure that the airport is undergoing a rework, as from what i can remember, when they reworked VGHS, they removed the runway for a brief time.

This was drawn by me using Navigraph. There were only 2 runways in use when edited. The right hand one was being removed as part of the military airport.

I am not seeing a 3rd active runway on the satellite image.


Here is the latest Navigraph. The military runway is NOT connected to WSSS.

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Runway 02R/20L was built at least a decade ago. I’m not sure whether it was considered part of Changi or not, but it was only used by the RSAF (Republic of Singapore Air Force). I think I’m right in saying that it’s currently being extended and modified for commercial use from Changi airport and is therefore not an operational runway at the moment, which is probably why it’s been removed from IF as I know it was there pre-Global.