WSSS🇸🇬-KLAX🇺🇸 Photos

Route - WSSS🇸🇬-KLAX🇺🇸
Aircraft - A350-900
Livery - Singapore Airlines (Singapore 38)
Server - Expert
Total Flight - 15hrs 40mins
Distance - 7615nm

Terminal 3 Gate A18, parked next to a Thai 777

Taking off runway 2C at 4am SGT

Flying over the Philippines

Another photo over the Philippines

Sunrise over the Northern Pacific

Another view of the sunrise

Nearing the Californian coast

On short final runway 24R at LAX

Moments before touchdown at 6am PST

Parked at gate 153 at Tom Bradley International at LAX

Hope you enjoy.


Stunning shots! I love the second shot. However try increasing the exposure a tad bit to give it better quality :)

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I’ll do that on my next post. Thanks for the great idea. :)


ahh yes the cockpit view

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One of the best views.


Nice photos, I’m coming in from anchorage later in my 777F