WSSS Gate Errors

Hello IFC, with the much anticipated a359 finally here, I decided to take the good old bird for a spin from WSSS-EFHK with the Finnair livery, flight AY132. Today’s flight is scheduled to depart from gate D48 in the international terminal, but in IF, due to the gate restrictions in place at Changi, several heavy gates, such as D35 and D46-48, are not able to be spawned into with an appropriate heavy aircraft. Here is an example:

Is there any way this can fixed?

Thanks, safe flying, and happy holidays!


Should be fixed in the next update. This is a known issue since 19.4 and the airport editing team is working hard to spot any errors :)

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In the meanwhile, spawn into Gate 49, Pushback and Taxi to Parking into Gate 48. That’s the way to do if you wish to depart realistically. Alternatively you can spawn in to a Maintenance Hangar and taxi to G49 from there and call it that this plane just got a overhaul for Maintenance.

Imagination can go far, and IRL, planes do this every now and then when they need service at the hangar and then need to fly the day after.


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