Wsss center

To the ATC covering singapore center
I just checked in with a clear flight plan and you’re asking me whats my intention and i really dont want vectors and im at 25000 feet not relevant to flight following
So accually theres nothing to answer
Thank you because you informed me that i have to check tutorials and i really checked them all but i think you have to check because i learnt that atc should not ask for intensions rather he should check the info of the flight

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The question is why are you at FL260 and if it’s on advanced than just listen to the controllers as they know what they’re doing

This has been discussed with the controller. Thanks

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I didnt get your answer " why am i at FL26 " is there any restrictions to fly to FL26 ??
And no not all controlers know
Some Controllers here are asking in the forum people to come do pattern works so they can be promoted.
so not any atc on expert really knows everything and the best example is my case.
I think you should check the tutorials as well if you agree with him and nots an insult to check the tutorials i do all the time to learn

Oops forgot them thanks for correcting me 😅😅😅


Did you request for vectors?

When ATC asks your intentions you give them your intentions, regardless if you need their assistance. This is to make sure that ATC is aware of you’re intentions and that you are responsive to ATC in the event they need to give you vectors to avoid another aircraft around you and also so that you are flying correct route to WSSS. Remember ATC vectors and commands override your FPL. ANd you always listen to ATC, especially on Expert.

This has been discussed privately.

  • The controller could have just let him fly since he had a flight plan, and vectored him if necessary.
  • The pilot still should have given intentions since that’s what was asked.

A good lesson for both pilot and controller.

I apologize for the other IFATC members who commented here. They should not have.