WSSS Afternoon Approaches

Hey everyone, hope your day has been going great so far! Today I dropped by Changi Beach again to take arrival shots, and had slightly better luck today :D

Enjoy, and the EXIF+aircraft data is posted below the image.

9M-FYF, Firefly ATR 72-500 MSN 860| 1/1000s f/8 ISO100 18-135@135mm
This Firefly ATR has a great registration dosen’t it?

HS-LTR, Lion Air Boeing 737-9GP(ER) MSN 39837| 1/400s f/10 ISO 100 18-135@85mm
This shot was out of position as I was setting up (read: enjoying the wind) and didn’t realise that this guy was on final.

PK-GFF, Garuda Indonesia Boeing 737-8U3 MSN 36436| 1/500s f/9 ISO 100 18-135@135mm
Same goes for this guy, didn’t think the walk to a better position was worth it for a 737NG shot! I did move after him though, remaining shots will be better.

9V-SRQ, Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-212(ER) MSN 33371| 1/500s f/9 ISO 100 18-135@135mm
Cropped down to 5MP as he was too far to zoom, who even lands on the other runway?

9V-STT, Singapore Airlines Airbus A330-343X MSN 1382| 1/640s f/9 ISO 100 18-135@135mm
Okay, so him and the 77E landed on the other runway. Cropped again and Googled the registration as I couldn’t read it. Did you know 9V-STT was also on a A310-300 now serving with FedEx as N814FD?

PK-LPI, Lion Air Boeing 737-9GP(ER) MSN 38299| 1/640s f/9 ISO 100 18-135@135mm
Another Lion 739ER, this one being leased instead of bought, which explains the different registration prefix.

9V-SLG, Silkair Airbus A320-232 MSN 2252| 1/640s f/9 ISO 100 18-135@135mm
First taking to the skies on the 1st of July 2004, F-WWBB was delivered to Silkair on the 30th of August 2004.

9V-MGP, Silkair Boeing 737-8SA MSN 44232| 1/640s f/9 ISO 100 18-135@64mm
This 738 is basically brand new by plane standards! Only delivered on the 30th of May 2016, it was one of the cleanest planes there.

9V-SFM, Singapore Airlines Cargo Boeing 747-412F MSN 32898| 1/640s f/9 ISO 100 18-135@50mm
There’s no point in having 8fps if you don’t use it right?

1/640s f/9 ISO 100 18-135@55mm

1/640s f/9 ISO 100 18-135@100mm

9M-AQS, AirAsia Airbus A320-216 MSN 5431| 1/640s f/9 ISO 100 18-135@75mm
This A320 only flew in Dec 2012 for the first time, but the dirt makes it look twice the age.

9V-SWK, Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-312(ER) MSN 34576| 1/640s f/9 ISO 100 18-135@120mm
SQ1 is the second leg of the SFO-HKG-SIN route, operated by a 77W most of the time.

9M-LNC, Malindo Air Boeing 737-8GP MSN 38314| 1/640s f/9 ISO 100 18-135@100mm
How many different airlines does Lion Air actually have?!?!

VN-A362, Vietnam Airlines Airbus A321-231 MSN 3966| 1/500s f/10 ISO 100 18-135@120mm
Vietnam Airlines has a special place in my heart (or rather my back) for teaching me that there are narrowbody flights longer than 5 hours. Ouch.

(The worst flight I have ever been on was a SIA 333 where my seat recliner was broken, leaving me with a perfectly upright seat for 8 hours. If this isn’t already banned by the Geneva Convention as an obtuse form of torture, it should be.)

B-HNP, Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-367 MSN 34243| 1/800s f/8 ISO 100 18-135@92mm
My first sighting of the new Cathay livery on an older plane!

HS-THF, Thai Airways Airbus A350-941 MSN 123| 1/640s f/8 ISO 100 18-135@113mm
Was waiting especially for this- my first A350 close-up!

9V-TAN, Scoot/Tigerair Airbus A320-232 MSN 4210| 1/640s f/8 ISO 100 18-135@92mm
Identity Crisis time! It seems they had time to stick the Scoot stickers onto the plane but not to paint it in Scoot colours…

B-18906, China Airlines Airbus A350-941 MSN 92| 1/640s f8 ISO 100 18-135@106mm
After being overjoyed at the Thai A350, this comes soaring over the threshold. A350s can’t be that common…

B-LRB, Cathay Pacific Airbus A350-941 MSN 32| 1/500s f/8 ISO 100 18-135@135mm
…unless you happen to catch one through the trees! I had already left but my camera was still on, so when it poked through the trees I tried to catch the shot. I would have had a better shot if I had left it in Cont High, maybe the trees wouldn’t have been blocking it in the next frame!

Thanks for dropping by, have a great week ahead!

P.S. PoTP is coming back!


Great shots, I really enjoy those captures of the a350s you got.


Beautiful! I want the see the A350 someday, the Tigerair/Scoot one is a cool shot too!


Great shots! Where abouts were you when taking these shots?


I love the A350 shot, the positioning through the trees. Really lovely!


That A350 Cathay Pacific through the trees is just HOT ! Honestly best A350 catch I saw on this forum. Awesome pics dude !


It looks like those trees were like a border filter around your picture haha!


That A350 is awesome


These are some great shots! Glad to see them from the other side of the globe. :)


All the shots, save for the CX 359 were taken at Changi Beach

The CX 359 was taken slightly further down the road after my frantic wavings were ignored by a certain driver of Bus Service 9 so I had to walk down the road. Every cloud has a silver lining, if not for that I definitely wouldn’t have gotten the shot :)

Also, fun fact about the CX A350s! Did you know that every single one of them has been delivered to Hong Kong on a mixture of 90% Jet-A1 and 10% sustainable jet fuel? This scheme, first thought of by CX way back in 2015, made Airbus the first manufacturer to hand over flights powered by biofuel.


Nice shots! Really like the 777’s!


Wow, all of these shots are simply amazing!

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great shots there. Liked the last one of the A350 almost framed by the trees!

What runway was in use whilst you where there?


20R was in use, however the SIA A333 and the 77E landed on 20C.

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