WSSS Aerobridges

Why are all aerobridges in WSSS so high up? as though they are all accommodating a380/747s.
It feels out of place imo…


Welp that’s definitely something I should expect flying home

hopefully IF can re-adjust these aerobridges as it feels so out of place.

Is it the same throughout the whole airport?

I was thinking the same! They feel very high.

How can we escalate this issue to the relevant departments? Sorry, Im new here.

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The staff just see the message, no need to do something


That plane in the picture isn’t a a380 or b747

It isn’t, what I’m trying to say is that the positions of these aerobridges are for A380s/747s. But it doesn’t fit smaller aircrafts like the A330 and even the A320.

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Yup, that’s the point

I would say coding error but I don’t have the knowledge to back it up

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Is this true for all the jetways at WSSS?

In real life, they’re adjustable up and down, but that might not reflect here in Infinite Flight because we don’t have animated parts yet.

It could possibly be a 3D editing slip-up though.

I asked if it applies for all terminals and got no reply sooo I shall go and take a look now give me like 3 minutes

Hii, from a quick glance through the terminals, it does look identical imo.

Yeh all terminals affected
terminal 1-4

So I can pass the message along, what gate(s) contain this “too high jetbridge”. Are all gates an issue? Just some? A certain section of a terminal? Anything else that you can specify in regards to its location would be greatly appreciated.

Its also good to keep in mind that Infinite Flight has made it known to animate jetbridges in the future. There’s currently no timeline for this. But I bring this up because even if the jetbridges aren’t exactly in their correct position they may get that correction here at a later time.

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Hello, all gates are affected. 4 terminals.

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Perfect. Will pass this along to the individual responsible for this airport. Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you so much! I appreciate your assistance!

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Feedback passed along to the appropriate individual(s)