WSAC: 01/19 instead of 02R/20L

I am not sure if it’s a mistake or it’s deliberately done so to prevent confusion with WSSS so I can’t put it in the Bugs category until this is categorized correctly…

Thank you @benny87654321 for categorizing this thread in Bugs!



You want source? You got it. I’m a Singaporean and I understand my country better than foreigners. For the legit evidence, search up WSSS AIP.

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Your welcome 🙂

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Just to bump it up a little… So will this be changed to 02R/20L as per real life or…?

@IceBlue? I don’t know of any airport editor’s username so perhaps you could help? :)

@JFKPlaneSpotter can also help

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@Kilt_McHaggis, @dush19 and @JFKPlaneSpotter are the airport editors I know! They will probably fix this. And it will be applied next month I believe :)


This is a vintage XPlane Airport. Will add to the to-do list


How many airports are in that list?

Are you referring to the vintage x-plane airports? There are tons of them in the airports repository.


Soon it’ll be not-so-vintage when it is merged with WSSS ^^

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Morning: 4 or 5
Evening: Gone + did a couple extra

He works so fast :)

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Alright so I contacted @JFKPlaneSpotter and he said he believes that @Kilt_McHaggis has fixed it…

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OK I have now completed this:

Please note that this was done from scratch. I just wanted to keep my customers happy.


Thank you very much! Glad to finally see the correct runway number! 👍