WS17 (airfield in Oshkosh) altitude bug

I just found this bug. Probably the altitude of the airport in the apt file of the airport is wrong.

Btw does this belong in support or in General?

I’m trying to work out what the issue is. what is happening to the plane? I’m happy to fix it if it is an issue on the airports editors’ end.

I can’t see the issue?

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I know, from the picture it’s hard to see. Try spawning yourself there. The plane is basically under the airport. @ewanfleming I think yes because the airport is higher than the ground, so spawning you fall on the ground and not on the taxiway. (That what happened to me).
Being a former airport editor I know there is section where you put the height of the airport over sea level.


I just looked at the apt.dat and I can see that the version in infinite flight is not the version currently in our repo. This should be fixed with the next scenery update (global). Thanks for letting us know!


Thanks @ewanfleming. I Could look up myself but I deleted the repo and all things related to airport editing ;-)