Wrongly violated & ghosted

I got violated nd ghosted in training just for doing 90 degree turns, trying to slow down. Can I remove this in any way?

No because you shouldn’t be doing a 90 degree turn under 10,000 feet over or near any airport.


Maybe the system thought you were doing aerobatics?

it was acrobatics nevermind

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Aerobatic violations are system dealt. If the system violates and/or ghosts you as such, it’s likely you were exceeding the parameters for which aerobatics are bound.

Some of the factors that are taken into account may be:

  • Exceeding G factors
  • Bank angle
  • Speed
  • Radius within an airport (both distance and within a certain altitude)

These are generally not removed unless you “fell through the ground” which is caused by an issue with the scenery cache. Only these can be removed if you provide a moderator/staff member with a replay file so that they can review it as necessary.