Wrongly reported

que jumper leaving the runway- runway is clear

Runway still clear

runway clear
V1 rotate
Aircraft in sight no where to go

Ghosted for what
Another case of ifatc sniping

Yes I’ve messaged the above controller in a word

So my fellow community members I ask you should I have been ghosted dispite 3 Images showing there was no aircraft visible to me when I line up
Yes i could see the impatient jet2 exiting but that aircraft was clear and of no factor when i began my take off roll

I’m open to answer any questions and disclose any evidence necessary

Many thanks


May want to try reupload your pictures


The last screenshot didn’t finish loading.

Please read on this

And also this:

So you’ve messaged the controller, yet you still made a topic publicly about this? 🤔 Best to continue in PM. You don’t need the attention. Best to get this resolved in private.