Wrongly Reported by ATC

I started a perfectly normal flight. Pushed back, asked for permission to taxi. Permission was given. I began taxiing to the runway. As I neared the runway, I was reported for “taxiing without permission”.

image image

Thanks a lot, @Jamie_Ye for the high quality ATC service you are providing at Hong Kong!!

Here is my replay file:

Please contact the controller you tagged yourself in the thread opening message.

I have just done that. Thanks

For next time, please review this topic before appealing a ghost

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Controllers have lives too, they make mistakes just like you and me. It would’ve been better to just PM him and not make a topic about it, because this is practically publicly shaming him. Discuss the issue with him in a PM, and see why he did that. Perhaps you could get that ghost reversed.

Thanks for your advice. The last time I got ghosted, I posted a public thread and I eventually got the report successfully reversed.

In fact, the last time I got a violation, I also posted a public thread and I got that reversed as well. However, in the future, I now know the correct way to appeal a report.