Wrongfully Violated?

Forgive me if this is posted in the wrong section, I rarely have to post on the forums or even make support because this game has been awesome so far. I had gone downstairs while flying with my phone, and my internet does not connect downstairs. My phone disconnected, and I was flying in a Q400 going KORD - CYYZ, cruising at 20000. When I came upstairs, I could not reconnect and when I went to connect I had been sent back to grade 2. No warning came up on my screen, what can be done about this? I find it stupid that no warning was given to me at all, I would have corrected the error. I was disconnected briefly and even had my phone in my hand.

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Hello OntarioAir, would you please be willing to upload the replay of your flight to https://sharemyinfiniteflight.com/ and link it here so our fellow community members and staff can take a look at what happened? There should be instructions on the website explaining how to do it.


Does your log book say what the reasons for the violations that you got to cause a reduction in grade?

If your device disconnects during a flight then unfortunately not much you can do about it, apart from try and keep connection during your flight!

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Real shame you got these violations, and as David mentioned, it would be good to know what the violations were for. In the Q400 I suggest the violations were for overspend, as on 20,000 feet you will need to reduce your airspeed quite significantly to avoid over-speeding.

I really recommend (and I know it’s not always easy) to make sure IF stays (1) the active app on your device and (2) stays connected to the internet, because all sorts of unpredictable behaviours can happen.

While you had your device downstairs, disconnected from the internet, did it not show the (over)speed? I reckon IF could still produce a speed error alarm, even when disconnected…


Your replay will show what happen. The devs added this new thing where it say app activated/deactivated in replay. This will let us know exactly when the connection went bad. @OntarioAir could you please upload the replay so we can see what happened and hopefully get it resolved

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