Wrongfully Ghosted

Today, while flying out of Keflavik during the FNF event, tower told me I was cleared to change frequency without telling to contact approach/departure. An Iceland Air 757 was cleared for take off right before me and since I use TOGA thrust because I was heavy to climb out, I got a bit close to him, but my mini map didn’t make the Iceland Air 757 go yellow or red to show I was very close to him. Just as a precaution, I started to turn to heading 180, and I get a message to contact approach because I was in an active airspace. I immediately contacted him by checking in with him, but he ghosted me. May I please know how its my fault when tower didn’t instruct me to contact approach, and me having to contact approach even when I’m a departing aircraft who in no way intended to disrupt the environment and was instead trying to avoid getting too close to another aircraft. If possible, may I please be un-ghosted because I personally feel that this was just wrong. Situations like this have happened many times since I began playing Infinite Flight years ago, but no one got this mad this quickly and didn’t even let me contact him, and just straight out ghosted me. Please help me out here.

My Display Name: Faisiecot
Callsign: Corporate 453
Controller’s name: Manoel G

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Feel free to send @MannyG a Private Message if you’d like to discuss your ghosting with him. 🙂