Wrongful violation

Hello, I would like to complain about an unfair violation.
the airport didn’t load and when I landed I got a speeding violation

This is how to report violations

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this is not a link to report violations


Sorry. It’s how to report one

Contact @appeals


You were issued a level 1 violation, which is mostly indisputable, so the Appeals Team can’t do much for you. If you do insist that it was the system’s fault, contact Support or go ahead with the appeal, although be sure first because there isn’t much that can be done with level 1s.

and on top of this, you can clearly see that you were not on a runway. scenery loading or not

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okay… since there’s practically nothing I can do, I’ll let it go
thanks bro

Next time make sure to refresh your cache too.

What does your issue have to do with speed? you can still easily slow down, even if u can’t see where you are to avoid a violation. You can’t really appeal a level 1 violation since it is system generated unless it’s an extreme case.

It is a runway, no taxiway centerline, hold short lines on either sides.

Best option is do what @BenjiTheBull said and contact appeals, this is clearly a game bug and the LVL 1 can be appealed.


I ended up missing grade 5 and 12 hours of flight… I think I have reasons to try to remove the violation

So appeal it.

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