Wrongful violation

Hello today I was approaching Tokyo international airport and i was following my flight plan i had started a descend down to 13,000 from 20,000 atc told me to maintain 16,000. When i heard that atc call i switched the autopilot to climb instead of following the descend a few seconds later atc controller @NJ24 gave me a violation for not following directions but on the flight recording you can see that i started to climb back up to 16,000 because i was around 14,000 at the moment. It’s visible that i responded to atc and changed my autopilot to start climbing and i did start climbing for a few second maybe 15 until i got the violation. Is there any way i can get the violation off or am i in the wrong? It’s not letting me add the video.@appeal

Please see the previous instructions you’ve been given: