Wrongful Report, Inflight Bug


I have recently participated in a Friday Night Flight on January 3. I flew from Boston to London Heathrow using the Delta Airlines Airbus A350. My display name is Captain Whit and my callsign for this flight was Delta 58 heavy. Up until final approach, it had been a rather uneventful flight. As I began decent, I noticed that London Heathrow was uncontrolled. This was around 11:30 pm eastern time. Since London Heathrow had no controllers, I tuned in to the Unicom once I was within range. From initial decent to final approach, I frequently checked to see if someone was working the tower and/or approach frequencies at London Heathrow. I discovered that London Heathrow ground was the only controlled frequency at Heathrow. Because of this, I continued on to final approach tuned in to the Unicom. I was following traffic on final, when I was contacted by moderator bewilkins22. It was communicated to me that I was in an active airspace and that I needed to contact Heathrow tower. As I went to tune to Heathrow tower, I discovered that the only controlled frequencies available to me were London City ATIS and Tower. bewilkins22 continued contacted me 2-3 more times before reporting me. Each time he contacted me, I searched for London Heathrow tower and each time, only London Heathrow Unicom was shown as available to me. I was wondering how I can fix this issue, as my grade has now dropped from 3 to 2. I hope we can get this issue sorted out.

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Hi, let me clear this up. You were on final until tower went offline and shortly went back online and ghosted you for not tuning into his new frequency?

I suggest you contact @Bewilkins22 on this matter to clear things up.

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Messaged - mod can close thank you