Wrongful Ghosting

So I was doing my regular approach and tuning into approach, approach then clears me for the localizer and at 3500 feet, and I turn onto the localizer then once established I tune into the ATIS, like most pilots do then, into the tower. All of a sudden the approach ghosts me, which I don’t get because I was doing everything I usually does. This just doesn’t make any sense. Keep in mind, he cleared me for the ILS Approach.

Only glaring issue here is that ATIS should be checked prior to contacting approach, not tower. On final you should be attentive and ready for a sequence, go around, speed adjustment, or any other pertinent information.


Ah, gotcha, but I don’t see why the approach should have ghosted me, because I followed his instructions, and the only other traffic in the area was 10+ miles away from me and was getting sequenced.

From that perspective you left the frequency and went uncomtrolled. I’d recommend contacting the controller for more insight on the specific scenario. The name can be found in your logbook. Thanks! 🙂

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Thank you Tyler :) I’ll contact him now.

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Sure! Just PM me if you can’t find him.