Wrongful ghosting

Hi all,

In the past hour I was approaching Tel Aviv airport with callsign TuiJet 637 in a Boeing 737-800. I was guided by approach for a landing at runway 26. When I was lined up I was told to change frequency to tower. I did and ask to land at runway 26 since I was all lined up and about 3000 feet from the ground. He responded that I was number 2 on runway 30 cleared to land. Since there was nobody on final at runway 30 and there was on runway 26. I asked to change to runway 26 since I thought it was a mistake by the controller since it was very busy. He said unable so I did what he told me and started turning towards runway 30. While on right base of runway 30 I recieved a message to please follow instructions. I didn’t know how to tell him that he cleared me for runway 30. So I said I was on right base runway 30. Not long after he reported me for landing on the wrong runway while I was still heading towards runway 30.

I honestly think it was a mistake by the operating controller IFATC Dylan because it was very busy but I do not think it is fair that I get banned from the expert server for a week.

If someone could please contact me with how we can fix this or if there is any way I can get the records back that would be great so I can prove my innocence. I wanted to make screenshots of the history but since it was very busy It was already too late.

Greetings ,

Victor van Meer



Hi please contact @Dylan_Bright in private message! He was the controller. You should not post ghosting complaints as a topic (Can’t find topic that addresses this)

I suggest you give this a read:


PM. Mods can close please and thank you