Wrong winglet color on the new JetBlue A320 livery

Hey everyone. 22.4 has been awesome so far. However I have noticed a slight issue on the JetBlue A320. It seems that the color of the winglet is not the same as it is in real life. The blue color is supposed to be on the outside of the winglet and the inside of the winglet is supposed to be the same color as the wing. However in infinite flight, both sides of the winglet are blue. Here are some pictures to show what I’m talking about.

Infinite flight. Notice how the winglet is blue.

Real life. Notice how the winglet is the same color as the wing.

While this isn’t a game breaking issue, I do think it is important for this to be addressed, especially considering how long we have waited for this livery.


They updated the livery, maybe this has something to do with it. I’ve never flown on JetBlue so idk

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the livery to my knowledge hasnt been updated IRL

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Livery was never updated, thats just an error

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Oh, I meant in game

the same thing happens on the Latam A320 and A319…


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