Wrong violation

Dear @appeals ,

I hope I can get your help. I am Pascal from the Netherlands and playing this game for I think almost A year. I was Flying yesterday from KJFK to KPHL. After my take off I switched over to New York Center (you) at 128.00. And I got A notification from you “do not exceed 270KTS” on 15.00.01. 19 seconds later you’ll give me my second notification “do not exceed 270KTS” I was looking at my MAP and FPL. I doesn’t reconized that first notification . After I was looking for slow down my speed and look at the rest of my notifications. You’ll gave me A level 2 violation. I’m really sorry for ingore your notification at my Climb and i hope that we can waive this violation.

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I would contact Appeals so that they can remove your violation if that’s what you want.

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Hi Pascal!

This thread is better to be flagged for deletion and instead taken into the hands of appeals!
you can find the group when creating a new message and typing @ appeals!
Hope that helps!


Send it over here @appeals