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I had a flight from Stockholm to Amsterdam in Expert server with A319. During my flight i was violated for no reason. Let me explain you details:

I was flying at 33,000 feet, and my speed was M 0.85. I was flying in AP. After a while i saw that my speed had gone up to 0.92 Mach. However, i put the AP standard speed which is mention above. And automatically because of the overspeed it gave me violations. and i lost grade 3. So that was not my fault, it was the issue with the game itself. I want my violations to be removed.However, I am playing your game more than 8 months. So i know the rules, but this time really it was not my fault, the speed was gone up automatically, while i put in AP speed of 0.85 Mach.
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Rashad Hajizada

M 0.85 is too fast a cruising speed for the A319. M 0.78 is the standard cruise speed (293 kts).

0.85 must’ve been close to the overspeed limit which may explain your violations, and this is unfortunately your fault as you decided to edge the speed close to the plane’a overspeed limit. So that is a low chance your violations will be removed sadly😞.

What you described can happen when winds aloft returns to normal. The plane’s speed starts to increase as winds begin to increase as well. It should be the pilot’s responsibility to attempt to maintain under the overspeed limit.

Everything has a reason behind it; for you, it was simply going too fast. Just remember the cruise speed for the A320 family is M 0.78 😃

Hoped that answer your question.


I’ve never heard of SPD autopilot changing itself like that, are you sure you didn’t accidentally set .92 and left it like that?
Maybe you confused it with the limit allowed to wide bodies?

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Sent us a replay is a best way

Slightly off topic - but with the speed limit of 250 below 10,000 feet; if ATC issue “speed at your discretion”, can you maintain 300 kts to 3000 ft for example, with no violation?

No, IF has a limit below 250 actually 260 under 10000 MSL

Beyond the IF limits, I heard (I’m not sure but professionals will confirm) that the 250 knots limit under 10.000 is set for a wings wind resistance, because above 10.000 feet the atmospheric pressure is lower so aircrafts can fly at a higher speed

ATC will issue “speed at your description” command after for example a “maintain 180 kts” command to inform you that they no longer want you to maintain a specific speed

I’m not a pilot but from what I know some times ATC will allow a high speed climb so over 250 kts for heavy aircrafts as 250 kts can be quite close to their stall speed

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Interesting! Thank you for the information

Not true about winds etc…

It’s a limit which can be modified if required under radar control. 250kts is mainly there for flight within class G.

Military aircraft can do what they want below 10,000ft. I’m not just talking about the Fast Jets here necessarily!

This is very harsh as technically by the IF mechanics he is not over speeding as aircrafts allow you to fly this fast on IF, if winds aloft changed the speed wouldn’t have raised drastically and you have 1 minute to react to the over speed warning in which the aircraft would have slowed back down by then contact a moderator with your replay and I’m sure they can help you out with your situation and give you a better explanation, best of luck with your problem

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In Canada this are the rules

  • 602.32 (1) Subject to subsection (2), no person shall
    • (a) operate an aircraft at an indicated airspeed of more than 250 knots if the aircraft is below 10,000 feet ASL; or
    • (b) operate an aircraft at an indicated airspeed of more than 200 knots if the aircraft is below 3,000 feet AGL within 10 nautical miles of a controlled aerodrome unless authorized to do so in an air traffic control clearance.
  • (2) A person may operate an aircraft at an indicated airspeed greater than the airspeeds referred to in subsection (1) if the aircraft is being operated in accordance with a special flight operations certificate – special aviation event issued pursuant to section 603.02.
  • (3) If the minimum safe airspeed for the flight configuration of an aircraft is greater than the airspeed referred to in subsection (1), the aircraft shall be operated at the minimum safe airspeed.

In the UK. Speed restrictions only apply in class D and below.

Class A (always radar control) you can go whatever speed you are cleared to regardless of altitude. And yes Class A is found below 10,000ft!

Hi. Nobody mention that there is special speed limit for A319. And I am not a pilot that i can know exactly every speed for each plane. I know the rules of infinite flight that over 10,000 feet you can fly 340kts, and over 28,000 feet you can fly maximum 0.87 Mach. So what i did just 0.85 Mach, and it speed up automatically up to 0.92 Mach. So which is wrong.

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I can’t speculate much more without solid evidence. A replay would be helpful for this investigation.

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OP, if you believe this is a false violation, you must provide evidence, and most be respectful and quick to response

Let’s stay on topic please. We are getting too far into specifics for real world conditions.

I have sent the replay video to support team by email.

Hello @Rashad_Hajizada!

I was just looking at that. Give me a moment to review it but it looks like you set the AP on too high of an air speed. You never set it to any given mach number since you were never that high.