Wrong violation reports

You can do that but with light weight for short flight I did that many times .

In metric airspaces there is 100ft difference so AirBus accomdated that.

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IRL, if an aircraft is heavy, you’ll see pilots go to higher altitudes much, much later in the flight - even to the extent where their highest altitude is achieved only 50-60NM from their top-of-descent. Step-climbing is your best friend with a heavy aircraft!

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I was just reported by IPP IFATC-Kailas for not contacting tower, when I was already cleared to land by tower. When I landed I had contacted ground to request Taxi to parking as it was LPPT airport which was very busy. I was also granted permission to taxi to parking. I accidentally turned into an unused runway and was instantly ghosted no warnings.

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@KailasSrinivasan is your guy, PM him. If you can’t contact him, I’m sure he will message you when he sees this, though the likelihood of the report being reversed seems unlikely if you taxied onto a runway.


Thank you, I thought I would have been given a warning plus it was extremely busy and it was an inactive runway

I believe this is the commercial certified ceiling. But I think that certain private models can be certified for FL450. Websites like Lufthansa or Air France will however show FL430 as the max because those are certified for commercial uses only.

For the sake of realism in the sim however, I really don’t recommend going beyond FL430.


Additionally, I have once climbed straight up to FL430 very early on in my flight. Here is the image that shows this:

I have also made a topic (now closed) on this very issue a while back dealing with realistic procedures that take the flight up very high early on in the flight. Do take a look:

You should always calculate your load before you fly. Additionally, I wouldn’t fly too high at FL410. Maybe at FL280/290 for IFR, and at most FL310/FL320. I’m pretty sure these violations won’t be revoked.

It’s FL431 43,100 ft


Hi there, my violations are registered at 06/02, when i will be able to use expert again? 06/08 or 06/09

7 days If you got more than 3 violations

Maybe get a FPL from fpltoif it gives u V speed Mach and alts for waypoints (step climb)

@Pedro_Couto1… ALL, An obvious IF “Pilot Error”! Sleeping on cruise is why Airlines use relief crews on long hall sorties! (Napping/Sleeping as the Pilot in Command is inexcusable, “It’s the Pilot not the machine”; Write that down 50 time as a professional conduct aid.

This type repetitive gripe which continues to be posted here is inexcusable for two reasons. One) Members do not read or comply with simply stated IF directions listed in Tutorials… 2) @moderators allow these type gripes to fester and draw unhelpful commentary by the Bloviator Face Time Usual Suspects! (The 35+ comments here support this Observations.)


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7 days to the minute from when you got the report so the 9th of June.

but the day that ive got the violations count?

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Yes the day you got the violations is part of the 7-day counter.

It’s quite common to have ‘controlled rests’ where one pilot will sleep/rest whilst the other monitors then swap over on single crewed flights. You hear reports of a pilot waking up from his controlled rest to find his mate also asleep


@Thomas_Bennett… MaxAsks: Please identify the major airline which permits “controllled rest”? ( I’ll be sure to never ever fly them!)

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