Wrong track B

Something wrong with track B.


Its a known issue

Given that Infinite Flight sources its data from NavBlue which is a third party company, there may have been a mix up in the data which caused this to happen. Unfortunately its happened only one other time not too long ago but I’m sure that there will be a fix for this soon enough.

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It’s been like that since a few days. It’ll get fixed soon.

Sorry about this, we’ve pushed a fix now and these tracks should show properly if you restart the app.


Next time quote a response from the staff to show us it’s known issue.

Saying it’s a known issue while the staff don’t know is not good.

Good day

You see there have been a few topics about this issue already so yes

Did staff answer in them?

No but one of the topics got closed so I guess thats a sign that they saw it
But ok next time if I am unsure about it I shall just stay quiet

My point is not for u to stay quiet but to be aware and have the right info.

Look at this answer by Cameron Abt saying “known issue” Everytime

I shall take note of that then
Thanks for the information

Thanks, it’s normal now.