Wrong Timezone for Cassidy International

This is Cassidy International in Kiritimati, Kiribati.

Due to the fact that the country straddles the International Date Line, it is possible that the Phoenix and Line Islands are an entire day behind the rest of the country.

As a result, Kiribati standardised the timezones in 1995, ignoring the International Date Line: UTC+12 for the Gilbert Islands, +13 for the Phoenix Islands and +14 for the Line Islands where Kiritimati is located.

Some Extra Information:
One weird thing about the UTC+14 timezone for the Line Islands is that the Hawaiian Islands, located directly north of the Line Islands, retain the original timezone designated for its location (UTC-10.) Plus, if anyone was living on the uninhabited Howland/Baker Islands on the UTC-12 timezone, they would be considered 26 hours behind. So for every 2 hours, there can be 3 days happening at once. Anyway, back on topic.

However, Cassidy International in Kiritimati (part of the Line Islands), as seen above, has UTC+12 as its timezone in IF whereas in real life it’s supposed to be UTC+14.

I would greatly appreciate it if this issue is acknowledged and fixed in the future. 😊


Thanks for taking the time to write a detailed report! We will look into it, but no guarantees this will be soon (as it’s a relatively minor bug that doesn’t affect the flying experience in IF)

On a side note, time zones are crazy… especially if you need to implement all these rules for different locations globally :)


Yes, it is, but having this fixed will definitely enhance realism, which I’m pretty sure everyone wants in IF.

True. For example Canton Island Airport in the Phoenix Islands has a timezone of UTC+13 instead of -11 for the reason I stated above. I do understand that it won’t be too easy to implement all the timezones in the world for their corresponding locations.

Still, thanks for the reply and clarification! :)

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