Wrong Terrain on Free Camera

When I use Free Camera

Normal Camera
Device : Lenovo VIBE K4 Note
OS : Android 6.0
IF Version : Latest Version
How to replicate

  1. Spawn in an airport near a body of water
  2. Use free cam and go as far as possible from the aircraft(must pass the body of water)
  3. Lock on to it.
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Weird. I’ve experienced this as well, and I’ve even seen it on live.

That’s some sort of optical illusion combined with the fact that water in IF is not all that level so that’s what makes it appear that way… nothing big…I’m sure if an airport IRL is slightly below see level and you observe it at same distant into the sea you’ll get something similar of an aircraft at the same point…as you can see in the first screenshot the water isn’t all that level so the same case applies… Thanks!


that’s exactly what I thought it was. :)

Second IF issue on Android 6.0 I see today. This issue someone had made my day

Try upgrading to a newer Android device. IF works better on iOS than Android in my opinion. If you’re upgrading to an Apple device, upgrade to a iPad Air 1 or 2, iPad Pro, or iPhone 6s and above. This is the best I can help you.

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