Wrong Takeoff pitch A330 and b777

The 777 and 330 or maybe other airplane have same issue the airplane rise from the ground when i pitch up 5 or 8 degree it’s not like the real takeoff. The real takeoff is when the plane pitch up 11 or 13 degree the plane start rising from the ground slowly. I know it’s not very important but it gives an impression of realism. Thank you … 🙂


I think too high power setting, incorrect flap setting, and high speed do result in a more or less “flat takeoff” as i tell it. Maybe if u takeoff from a 10000ft+ rwy set the flap on the second level for 777 flaps 5 and Airbus family aircraft maybe 1+F or 2! And thrust should be more or less 74-85% throttle for the 777 and for the a330 maybe 82-89% because of the weak engines!

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I’ve managed so-called “realistic takeoff” in every aircraft til now, so I don’t see a problem here.


Concerning the A330, which I know well, it might well be that you have the wrong combination of VR, flaps and weight given the airport you are taking off from.
Besides, when heavy on a high airport or warm weather, you may not necessarily want the average 10 12 degrees angle.
Have you a picture or a video of what you describe?


Yes i have video. I hope it be download.

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Ok but the vref speed on 77W it not like real …
The verf speed on the plane 120 or some time 118kts …
Its cessna verf not 77W 😅…

Not quite following here.
Your posts indicate that you’re assuming that Vref, angles and such are fixed.
They are not. Weight, weight distribution, weather conditions etc matters.


The verf speed 120kts and vertical speed is -680
The load 18% !

Here’s what you need to do for anyone to be able to help you:

You need to state exactly which aircraft you’re flying, exactly the weights and weather conditions (temps, winds etc). You also need to provide data on what makes you think it’s wrong.

Our aircraft physics are based on real world data and tested by pilots who actually fly the aircraft in real life, so for us to change anything - we need data that proves our current data to be inaccurate.
We can’t just fix anything based on someone telling us something is wrong, without also showing us what’s right.


Try and see even on a load 50% i use 140kts vref speed not like real

As i said;


Sorry if I’m going off tangent, been wondering about this process whether IF uses real pilots to test out aircrafts or strictly using datas only but couldn’t find the exact info in the forum. Now, just reading these words have made my day, thank you…!

140 IAS is complete normal. I have spent 100s of hours in IFs 777F and I normally land anywhere from 140 IAS to 155 IAS it’s completely dependent on the winds temp and load. Hopefully this helps feel free to ask any more questions.

When you rotate at Vr the initial pitch up angle is around 10° for the first second or two. Particularly on the 773 to prevent a tail strike. The pitch angle is increased around 2° per second up through the higher angles you mentioned.

These parameters as I sure you know are variable because of several factors such as wind , weight runway distance and obstacles. Not to mention SID and or ATC restrictions .

I think if you are pitching up to 14° immediately through Vr its too steep. Get there in a few seconds.

I think Flaps 5 is a normal or frequently used flap setting. The big GE engines also make it easy to over thrust and even overspeed on intitial climb out

I use a TO trim of +20 in IF for most of my 777 series TO. Others may disagree

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140 kts is perfectly fine for approach!

At very light loads (as in 18%) a much slower Vref is normal as well! And as for Cessna vref, that’s more like 60 kts, but that’s another story.

For takeoff, a shallow AoA is probably because you’re rotating too late. In the 777-200, I usually use flaps 5 and rotate between 138 and 155 knots. I pitch up to maintain a vs of 2500 fpm, usually about 16 degrees. Be advised that on the 77W, you need to keep a shallower AoA to avoid tailstrike, as @phoenix74 said above me. Personally, I use 40% to 60% trim, depending on weight and TOGA setting.

If you’re after V speeds for the 777 I can suggest an app called Toper777 it’s on the play store not sure if it’s available for Apple.
On there you can you enter the ICAO code for the airport, select runway weight weather etc and it will provide you with your V speeds. The free version only has the 777-200LR but if you buy it you get all varients.

I’m talking about 77W .
The 77F is good .

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