Wrong spawn points at TFFG

Spawn points 9, 10 and 11 put the aircraft in a situation were you would require pushback, something GA aircraft lack.
Spawn point 9:
Spawn point 10:
Spawn point 11:

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You can create a new issue here it will help the airport editing team.

Why don’t you let the AET decide by themselves.

They may be like that IRL. At my local airport they park them like that then roll them to the taxiway.

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But here, unless you taxi over the grass, you don’t have anyone to roll you out to the taxiway.

I’ll look into it. Thanks Swordfish.

Btw @XRodriguez7 we don’t usually suggest that since many don’t search before searching :)


No change needed, its like IRL

It certainly needs a redo

Another question, at the left of the first parking spot, is that a border or anothet parking place?

I don’t know, where is it?

The one marked in red. Or is it a boundary?

No it’s not a boundary

Then there isn’t an spawn point there. I tested everyone available and none spawned me on that spot.

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