Wrong side of runway?

If you are ATC what do you tell a pilot if the are trying to take off from a closed/ wrong end of the runway?

Hi Xavier,

I think the issue starts with how the pilots got to the wrong end of the runway in the first place.

If they were in contact with ground, ground frequency will usually request them to taxi to the correct runway and ask to follow instruction if they are still heading the wrong way.

If they were never in contact with ground in the first place and got to the wrong end of the runway (highly unlike given the measures in place) and they request take off to tower, tower will generally tell them that they were not cleared to enter the runway and will ask them to exit runway and contact ground.

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What if there isn’t a ground frequency

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Ya what if there isn’t a ground frequency like in KNUC sometimes there is no ground and they taxi to wrong end

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Back taxi the runway and contact ground when off the runway option

If the pilot doesn’t get the inactive warming their just stupid and don’t answer I guess that’s what I do because some pilots on arc playground are not on the smart side

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Having ATIS here helps. That gives runaway instructions. In that case, I will tell them to check ATIS information.

If there is no ATIS, I use "Hold Short Runway…(enter correct number here). Most get it after a couple attempts. Some just disconnect. A couple attempt to just get on the runway to take-off. I use my magic ATC spell on those…and change their name to Casper.

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I guess if there is no ground or ATIS you can do 2 main things.

  1. Say ‘hold short’ of the runway you want
  2. If it’s not busy at all, you could back taxi them on the correct runway. I don’t tend to do this at all though as it is usually way to busy and probably not very realistic

Back taxi runway XX, contact ground when off the runway.

Wow that’s a broad generalization. I don’t think it’s fair to say such things.

Yes there is a ground frequency. But it’s not open a lot.