Wrong SAS A330-300 livery color

I noticed that the reworked SAS livery for the A330-300 have black winglets in the simulator, but in real life they are blue while the engines are also more red. Here are to pictures that show it:

(credit to Airlinefleet.com for the last picture)

Good catch, we are aware of this specific issue and we’ll push an in-app update to this livery in the next few days. Cheers, Jonas :)


Thank you very much Cameron!

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Maybe add the SAS logo on the inside of the winglet as well? :)

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Yep, that too. It slipped through but our artists already have a fix in the works


Good to hear!

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Will they be looking into the blue color on the tail and red color on the engines as well, or is that something they can’t do anything about?

A lot of this is based on our rendering (not the textures from the artists) and how this interacts with different conditions. We’re definitely aware of that and it’s on our radar. Some of the work with Project Metal should hopefully help with this


Will the fix apply to other liveries as well? Many liveries also look lack saturation.

That’s the same situation as the reply I gave just above yours. Not necessarily a texturing issue at this point, but we are aware

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