Wrong RWY assignment issue

Hey, I just want y’all to look at the photos posted below and tell me who made the error…

A brief explanation, I tuned tower and requested a visual landing onto RWY28 in ATL, he proceeds to not answer, but I understand because the airspace was heavy, so I decided to request again and he clears me to RWY27R and I was on Final already, so I just wanted him to make sure that I requested RWY28 and that I was in Final, I didn’t want to get reported, so I continued to request landing onto RWY28, I requested 1 more time after the clearance he gave me for RWY27R

What should I do in a situation like this?
btw, I don’t know in what category I should post this

Hey! Was approach present in this scenario? Did they clear you for a visual to 28?

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Your controller was @Manav_Suri, so if you want a more specific answer, you can contact him. As someone who controlled ATL tower this morning, my menu got bugged such that 27R showed up first on the Runway selection menu, instead of the requested runway (which is usually the case). Since it was busy at ATL, it’s likely that your controller had the same issue :).


Yes approach was active, and yes, they assigned me RWY28

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Probably, i’m not mad at him, I just got confused and didn’t know what to do

I’ll PM you 😄


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