Wrong runway?

Sometimes I get an aircraft that wishes to use a closed runway (usually wind direction). Should I be enforcing the runway usage, especially if the airport is busy ?

I think you should tell him to go around and then give him clearence to the open runways!

You could use “please check assigned runway”, if the aircraft isn’t following instructions :)

On Expert Server we don’t allow people to land on a closed runway. In the ATIS we let pilots know what runways are in use. On the Training Server that isn’t always possible. If you would like some good practice and are planning to join IFATC in the future, I’d enforce runways.

If it’s on training server, I usually can’t enforce some of the pilots.
What I usually do is allowed them to land, but still keep other plane safe. I’ve done this couple of time in TS fav destination @ London Heathrow (EGLL)

I don’t know what they usually do in Expert, I’m not a part of IFATC

In expert we send a “Please check assigned runway”. If the pillot still wants to land of a closed runway, we literally threat that pilot of being reported. Of course, if it doesn’t follow instructions, then we report them.


But sometimes the assigned runway is not suitable for certain smaller aircraft, such as the Q400, which may be entitled to land.

In these cases I believe there needs to be an option to ask specifically for a runway ‘due to aircraft limits’, and at least get the controller to consider it properly.

If it’s really not possible then a diversion should be provided. But smaller aircraft shouldn’t be effectively banned just because larger jets are all using a less than optimal runway in terms of wind.

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