Wrong runway usage with actually reported winds

Don’t want to nag but this is 2 days in a row with controllers using wrong runway headings (approach and departure). First was yesterday at KPHX winds 230/10KTS and 08L and R as active runways. Today (SKBO) winds 300/15KTS but using 13L and 13R for departures and takeoffs. Got to keep SA on conditions to keep this sim realistic please.

I’d assume they’re using 13s probably because of the several thousand foot mountains 3 NM from the runway at SKBO. I’ve done a 31 approach before. It’s VERY difficult.

Also, looking at the flight radar recently, SKBO is currently using the 13 runways IRL.


Just because winds are not favoring the active runways, controllers sometimes have to use them for a multitude of reasons. It could be terrain, visibility (runways with ILS capabilities), or even just the inefficiency and inability to change runways due to traffic levels.


I’ll agree with terrain (SKBO) especially…but PHX has clear approach/departure east and west. I live within ear shot of PHX. Winds at both locations were steady gradient type.

It could also be because the runways are not made to have arrivals for that runway. The only exits of the runway are a sharp 45 degree turn which some airplanes can’t make.

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While aircraft usually try and land/take off into the wind, this isn’t always possible for a number of reasons. Sometimes winds aloft are different (and stronger) than winds on the ground, sometimes there is terrain limiting which runways can be used. Sometimes the time required to turn the whole airport around isn’t worth a 5-knot tailwind component.

My glider port can only take off on one runway due to terrain at the other end. We regularly take off and land gliders (which are much lighter than airliners) in 10 knot tailwinds. It’s a little more tricky, but it’s possible and certainly realistic.


Also by the way, it is 07L and 07R then there is 08 on the northern part of the airport at Sky Harbor :)

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You’re right…my mistake. 🥴

Lol, no worries!

Also to add to what that has been said, some airports eg HRYR(Kigali) use only one side of the runway for traffic i.e RWY25 for landings, RWY07 for takeoffs

Hi I was your controller yesterday at PHX. And what everyone said is correct above. Sometimes we dont use runways based on either if there Green or not. We use them depending on ILS and all that sort. @John_Zanfardino

(Ps explaining it in simple terms)

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My apologies…was a busy day for sure. Thanks for making this sim app the best there is.

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Yeah no problem! Just keep doing you man and keep learning thats what this is about :)

Thanks everyone!