Wrong runway usage at RJTT

Can someone tell the controller who is controlling at RJTT that runway 23 is never used for departures? He should instead use runway 05 for departures.

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This is at controller discretion

Unfortunately we can’t always use real life procedures In IF.


It is unrealstic to use a runway that isn’t used for departures IRL

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We should use all available runways. Especially on a FNF.


I don’t see why the controller can’t use runway 05.

See here


If they have to use the runway they have to use it. Realism isn’t a priority. All runways should be in use

It’s in the ATC handbook to use all available runways, so realism can’t really be used in situations, especially for FNF

No one is taking off or landing or runway 05/23. If there were a lot of people taking off or landing on 23 then the situation would be different. But here, the controller can easily change to runway 05 as no one is using it.

It‘s still on controller‘s discretion which runways he uses.


But then I can’t replicate a flight using the exact same runways.

Maybe you can request taxi to a specific runway. Otherwise, not at the moment.

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I already tried. He told me to taxi to runway 34R instead. Almost all flights from Tokyo to Osaka depart from runway 05.

Therefore, it’s not the end of the world if you takeoff from a different runway.


Traffic levels in IF are higher than IRL traffic levels, meaning we can’t always use IRL procedures. If you want to fly ultra realistically, fly somewhere else.

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@Matt777 is currently controlling ground, as said above, its not the end of the world and if it keeps the traffic flowing better, the IFATC use it, better to keep the traffic flowing and making controlling easier than putting realism first and making everyone’s lives harder

But nobody is using that runway. I don’t see what the problem is.

Considering the airport layout, my best guess is that the controller decided to keep that runway clear to avoid delays. That’s his decision, not ours.

Hi there!

Unfortunately this is at the ATC’s discretion, and although it may not be entirely realistic, the controller has probably done it for a reason.

It is also not the best idea to be bringing up personal discrepancies in the IFC, it is best to do it via PM. Just remember for the future!