Wrong Runway Take off

As all we know The color of the runway indicates several states

Green is upwind, yellow is crosswind and red is downwind

For Example I taken of in RJTT it has 12kts wind
But some players like use wrong Runway for take off
In TS or ES server

That’s very Affected the normal take-off of other players

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So… what is your question exactly?
Edit: got it ;)
If there is no presence of ATC you can’t really do much about it. The only thing you might can do: contact the player on the forum if possible. Don’t blame him/her, just explain :). Giving them a chance to learn and getting better.


Yes… we ALL know that DONT we?

some people might not know that

I mean we should know that you don’t line up on the other side of a rwy that’s someone is taking off on. Especially on expert server


I mean thats true but you cant stop people being people.

Also, when no ATC is on, I check the actual situation on fllightradar24, which leads me to takeoff on the “wrong” side sometime…


The easiest way for me is to stick with the ingame METAR information. The second digit combination tells the best option to go with.
Also a good read if you do not know it yet:


Absolutely right !


A lot of people cannot read Metar or see the red/green colour on the map 😂


If there is no ATC present, there’s not much you can do. What you can do is PM them if possible and try to show them the proper way. If IFATC is present, then it should be resolved as the controller sees fit according to the User Guide. But you can continue doing your part by doing things the right way and setting an example for the pilots :)



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Of course sir

Sometimes the ground wind doesn’t even matter! It is possible that right after take-off at around 500ft+ or maybe 1500ft+, the wind may be a very gusty tailwind which pilots would rather not face and take off in the supposed “tailwind” in order to reduce chances of potentially stalling or reduced airspeeds.

If you fly often it IS common to see on FR24 to see an airport use a set of runways while even an IFATC controlled airport is using different runways compared to irl.

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