Wrong Runway Numbers on STAR

Just about to land at Baku (UBBB) and all the SIDs and STARs say runway 35 for runway 36. Not a big detail but just a mistake maybe.

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That’s probably a mismatching AIRAC cycle issue

either that or
because it has global procedures and it can not be perfect

So actually it appears to be an issue within the Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team. NAVBLUE (an Airbus Company in which Infinite Flight uses Navigational Data from) tends to be highly accurate. Since the Runway on updated charts and imagery says “Runway 35” - that is the data that NAVBLUE pulls. The Runway must’ve either just switched over from 36 (magnetic pull/variation) or been a flaw within the airport editing teams review process.

This will be fixed for a future Airport/Navigation Update


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