Wrong runway markings

Jose Maria Cordova International airport has runway 36-18 (According to live flight). But it’s actually 01-19

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The X-Plane file that the devs use for the airport information is probably slightly out-dated. When the global update is pushed, the devs will use a newer X-Plane file, which should change this issue.


Hi! Thanks for the report. LiveFlight uses data from the Infinite Flight Live API and the Infinite Flight Airport Editing Project. As SKRG isn’t in any region yet, it wasn’t reworked yet which means it uses an X-Plane file. Those files are often outdated and offer poor quality. Once an airport decides to rework the airport, it’ll be corrected and everything will be fine, including on LiveFlight. Why don’t you join the airport editing team to do it yourself? We need all the help we can get, email airports@liveflightapp.com to get started! :)

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Well if that’s an X-plane file its the most deatailed

Which is totally dependent upon someone actually taking their free time to “redraw”, so to say, the airport.

That’s what the IF airport editing team is for ;)

Unfortunately not and that’s why the Infinite Flight Airport Editing team exists! Let’s take Moscow as an example:

↑ original X-Plane file ↑

↑ after @Kilt_McHaggis edited it ↑


What im Saying is that the runway is wrong a very basic part of an airport instead of a whole airport like Domedovo

I don’t even understand why this is under #support as it’s not even in the game… It’s just an airport present in LiveFlight as it is right now, and about every single airport in the whole world are present there as it is right now. If we’re gonna start report issues on every single airport from now on, we have a problem.

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Current datum we would use.

The XPlane exiting file is NOT up to date.

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