Wrong runway heading?

I just noticed something about the runway names of uncontrolled airports. The runway names (headings of the runway) are inverted at some uncontrolled airports. Is there a reason for that?

Correct runway heading

Inverted runway heading

Inverted runway heading


Switch the arrows. For example, for the runway with 290 degrees and 110 degrees, the arrows would be going the opposite way. If you were taking off runway 29, you would be flying heading 290 when you lift off.

The heading next to the arrows is the heading you are really flying. The heading on the runways is the wrong one.
I don‘t understand what you mean with switching the arrows.

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Oh now I see what you mean. The runway numbers should be switched. I got confused :)

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Nice catch!

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Those airports probably haven’t been edited yet.


Yes, possibly!

Ya, this would generally be something to be brought up by the airport editors, but as with the literally thousands of other small airports I’m sure these are all of a fairly low priority…

You‘re right. I‘ve never flown to an uncontrolled airport until today. Editing them doesn‘t have the highest priority I think.

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Took me a second to figure out what you were pointing out, good catch.


As said: you’ve got a good find here, thanks!

Would you please be so kind to report via the link below?

Thanks again!


Well, I’d assume the collective idea of editing small airports is of a high priority, but I’d assume most of them unless the have something special are just another number somewhere on the list…

I reported it there. Thanks!

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These airports are most likely not edited, so the form is actually not the place to report that. Only issues with edited airports should go there.

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Moritz makes a good point. When we edit airports WED forces this to be correct. These were some of the 27,000 artifact airports that were imported/auto created 4 years ago!

Yes there will be errors with so many artifacts still in the simulation. If you fly XPlane you will probably find exactly the same issues. I have a solution.

Come edit them for us 😈