Wrong Report

A few minutes ago I was taxiing at WSSS at Advanced Server 1 (ATC) and the air traffic controller told to the aircraft that was in front of me to taxi back and let me taxi to 20C runway and he pushed back until I turned to the right and then I was reported for inappropriate behavior.
should i send it to the team support?
or to keep it here?
Thanks, Andrew.

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Hey Andrew. I’m confused as to what you mean. Are you saying I let someone push back into you whilst you were taxiing?

Andrew you were trying to taxi through the terminal, completely the wrong way. Someone had just pushback to face the correct way so I ghosted you as you decided to taxi right through them. I cleared to to taxi on the assumption you would follow the taxiway correctly and not veer off into where the terminal would be ((:

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The support team has looked at this and found the Misha acted properly.


You are, obviously, the one facing the wrong direction. Hope this helps you understand ((: Happy Flying!

Dang this is so cool that the pilot can talk to the controller that directed him/her!


I’m really impressed with the follow thru on this incident. This is a fine example of “Responsible Leadership”… Bravo Zulu… Max Sends

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That’s how you learn and get better!1:1 tuition my friend

I fully understand where Mishacamp is coming from…however,i believe in second chances,even though he did give the guy a second chance,i like to wait and see…just saying…

Sometimes if it’s busy there’s no time for second chances. If I’m controlling and it’s quiet, I send pilots a warning/reprimand but leave them in the session. But if there are ten aircraft waiting to take off, another ten-odd waiting for pushback and five on approach, there’s no room for that.

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