Wrong Registration on the 747 Olympic Air

Well, I don’t know if this problem was already addressed here or not, and that’s more a suggestion than asking for support. I wasn’t sure in which category I would bring this subject into. Feel free to close or move this post to another category.

I have noticed some time ago that some plane registrations are wrong, for example on IF the registration for the 747-200 Olympic says SX-DAE, which is wrong, the right registration for the 747 is SX-OAB. If you google exactly what plane SX-DAE belonged you will see that it was a DC-6B that crashed in 1969. And that’s not the only plane. I noticed some wrong registrations placed in other planes as well. I would suggest FDS to review it. Check on some screenshots down below.


This is known. I recommend you vote for a rework on here:


There are numerous aircraft in Infinite Flight that don’t have registrations that match their real world counterpart. Thanked the American 787-9 for example which bears N172MD. You may recognize this as it is what Mark Denton has on his display name. There are other aircraft in the Infinite Flight fleet that have custom call signs. Now your example may not be accurate or custom but I don’t think this plays a significant part in how an aircraft performs or looks. It’s a rather minor detail.

There are other important features and aspects to be focused on at the moment than pointing out incorrect registration numbers.


This is a major issue with a lot of people on the IFC…

Stop being so nit-picky. The devs try so hard to make this fun and realistic. Not every tiny little detail should make a difference.

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Some people are just trying to help, FDS adheres to high standards for their liveries so it’s understandable if one user may suspect they made a mistake, some users may not be aware about the fact the registrations are sometimes related to people on the IFC or other things.


There is a difference between complaining and helping.

he is helping the people know about it

Yeah but there is a better way to point it out.

To be quite honest…

Your comment was not constructive to the conversation!
He had a question and certainly had a right to know

How is there a better way than making a topic and pointing out the issue. A forum is a place to discuss.

PS: Are you saying that mistakes shouldn’t be pointed out and be improved upon?


It’s not a mistake though.

It was completely intentional to make it like that.

Also they could have at least dm’d one of the devs instead having to make a topic.