Wrong placement of the jetbridge for the 772 on door L1

Samsung A51:
Hello IFC users,

Am I the only one that has the following issue:
The door clips the jetbridge on door L1 for the 777-200ER?

I cleared cache already…



I believe nothing has been mentioned about the clipping being fixed in the next hotfix, unless I stand to be corrected.


The game crashing has nothing to do with the jet bridge clipping to the fuselage of the plane. Please don’t make assumptions just based on what the staff have said about a completely different issue.


@Mathurin_Garcier, the issue has been noted internally but nothing has been mentioned yet. Clearing the scenery cache has no effect on this, and the best we can do is just sit and wait for a fix to come at some point in the future. Who knows, maybe the staff could be working on another feature. It would be nice to see the jet bridge canopy be animated in the future.


Devs just released a hotfix for 22.1 linked below for your reference.

I would test to see if this is still an issue, and if it is I would comment saying that it is post the hotfix

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NOT FIXED Yet in the hotfix

I think I know what you mean. Do you mean that the jet bridge is going to the first door and not the second door like many of the wide bodies have with a gate with one bridge irl? If that’s what you mean, then I’m pretty sure it was said that that isn’t happening yet (I think). You might wanna ask a dev about that.

No I mean the door clips the jetbridge

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