Wrong physics on 772

I think that the physics of the 772 are wrong!

90knots of ground speed and no stall

That’s 89 knots ground speed, you had a 20 knot headwind and an airspeed of 102, which is completely doable with full flaps


@jet_centric 102kts indicated but close. 🙃

@Pedro_Couto1 What is your aircraft load %? The lighter you are, the slower the speed required to get airborne. The heavier you are the faster you’ll need to be.


My ias was 102 kn

And i was light

Cool. If you were light, then this is perfectly normal. Nothing wrong here. 🙂

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Yeah I mean also the 777 has some getting used to.

But, my ias was 109 and my ground was 89, why nothing is wrong?

Because your aircraft is light

You have what’s called a headwind component. You have air flowing over and around the aircraft faster than your relative ground speed.


@DeerCrusher 120 knots IAS and I never even got a stall warning or anything.

Separate known issue. 🙂


So, the headwind was throwing me ahead, and my airspeed was indicating less than this?

it is no stall because you are on the ground maybe?

He was in the air

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I was on the air, look for the fpV

The best way that I can describe this is like a canoe or a boat on a river. If you try taking a boat up stream, you may be going 30kph on the water. However, you might only be moving 20kph over the ground itself. Why?

Well, if we do the math, we see that we have a 10kph figure. This indicates to us that the water is moving at 10kph. Now the same concept applies with the airplanes we have except instead of using water, we’re using air.


Your aircraft was light correct?

Yup, got it! Thanks Deer! :)

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Deer crusher that was explained very well