Wrong NOTAM around SBGL

I’ve just noticed there is a NOTAM around SBGL which says, aircrafts larger than A320/737 have to divert and aren’t authorized.
This NOTAM doesn’t make any sense as there are still flying Lufthansa 748 and American 788 from and to SBGL (see attached screenshot).
Is this NOTAM an Error?

I think that notam is for SBRJ

This would be correct. The aircraft size restriction and runway closure NOTAMs are both for Santos Dumont Airport (SBRJ). They do not affect operations at SBGL.


Great catch! Although the TFR is meant for SBRJ, SBGL is inside the ring that has that restriction. This could lead to confusion indeed. I will reach out to get the circle smaller or combined with the inner TFR.



Update @Airbus_Andi,

The TFR should now be changed. Thanks for letting us know!